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Writing to protect the soul of wild spaces

Educating visitors about the Colorado Plateau landscape is necessary to keeping it intact. It’s something that storyteller and guidebook author Morgan Sjogren has been trying to do as she’s told stories and written books about the region. Here, we speak with Morgan about what she sees as the role of storytellers on Plateau and the need for diverse voices when educating about and conserving this place.

Science Moab talks to Morgan Sjogren about responsible stewardship and storytelling

Feeding the adventure1 Feeding the adventure9ROVA+15+for+website.pngFeeding the adventure (ROVA Magazine November 2019)

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Eating Well (September 2019)

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Outlandish chronicles Sjogren’s two-plus years of life on the road and shares lessons like how to sun-dry tomatoes on your car hood, as well as 25+ recipes ranging from campfire blondies to her go-to burritos. The biggest takeaway: don’t overthink things.”Sunset Magazine (May/June 2019)

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Full story here

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Outlandish is Paddling Life

5 Women Who Are Changing The face of Running

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Runner’s World: Eat Like An Elite

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National Monuments: Play, Love, Protect

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