The Running Bum

Running Wild With Words

Running wild with words anywhere in the world I can get to with her running shoes and a pen!



You can call me: Mo (also known as Morgan, Running Bum, Momo, Mohosjo, Phat Kid, Mimosa)….

Lives: Om the road in a yellow Jeepsy Caravan. Exploring the world on a two-footed quest for new trails, hidden treasure and the next story.


Runs: After spending the past decade racing track (5K/1500) I dove feet first into trail running and placed 6th and 10th at the 2016 U.S. Trail Half and Marathon Championships (Trail debut). I love to compete but I also love to spend hours roaming in beautiful places. This sport blends the two perfectly!


Loves: Adventure (even when things go wrong), burritos everyday, ketchup on ketchup, sleeping outside, devouring books, writing when inspiration strikes, spontaneous travel, trying new anything and everythings, sharing strange stories around the campfire, diner counter or dive bar and finding out what’s beyond the next twist in the trail….


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