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unnamed.jpgOutlandish: Fuel Your Epic 
Outlandish is a sun-soaked starter manual to fueling your own epic. In this guide, the canyoneering wordsmith and adventurer Morgan Sjogren shows how outdoor adventure can become your lifestyle. Through her riveting personal stories, flavorful recipes, and the book’s gotta-go-there photographs, Sjogren shares her advice and lessons learned from years exploring the desert Southwest while living out of her canary-yellow Jeep Wrangler. Outlandish is a gorgeous guide to a more adventurous life!

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Adventure Journal, Trail Runner Magazine, Paddling Life

Outlandish chronicles Sjogren’s two-plus years of life on the road and shares lessons like how to sun-dry tomatoes on your car hood, as well as 25+ recipes ranging from campfire blondies to her go-to burritos. The biggest takeaway: don’t overthink things.” —Sunset Magazine

Outlandish is part road-trip guide, part travelogue, and total inspiration. Check it out to find recipes, stories of the road, incredible photography, and plenty of advice to ensure that your next adventure is bizarre and unfamiliar, yes—but also adventurous, meaningful, and a heck of a good time.” —ROVA Magazine

“Besides drooling over the gorgeous photos, it is guaranteed that you will salivate over the recipes that accompany each adventure and hopefully utilize Morgan’s sustainable outdoor cooking tips.” —American Trail Running Association

“Sjogren’s guide capably stokes the reader’s sense of adventure and should assist in breaking down the barrier between wishing and acting on your yearning to ditch the drudgery of daily life for a taste of the unknown.” —Canadian Running Magazine

Outlandish is a manifesto on rediscovering self through nature.” —Adventure Sports Network

“Consider this is an earnest love letter to the concepts of true adventure and personal discovery, filled with entertaining story-telling and creative recipes to fuel the journey. Sjogren and Sunny are the contemporary embodiment of Steinbeck and Rocinate, with better food and and an Abby-esque desert focus.” —Allison Patillo, Journalist

“Perfect for raft guides on their days off or who are looking to try something new on the river, adventure writer and land activist Morgan Sjogren inspires dirtbags across the West to embrace an authentic, off-road, adventure, survivalist lifestyle.” —Paddling Life

Outlandish is a guide on how to live life simply, in the wild, with a big ol’ grin on your face.” —Mason Strehl Field Journal

“Morgan Sjogren will lead you to some of the best wild places, then show you how to appreciate them, run free, and also protect and expand them. Life is short and we’re more free than we think. Get. Out. Thar.” —Jaimal Yogis, author of Saltwater Buddha

The Best Bears Ears National Monument Hikes

Designated in December 2016 by President Barack Obama, Bears Ears National Monument covers 1.35 million acres of southeastern Utah. Inhabited for over 2,500 years, the area is rich with ancient culture and spectacular scenery. The hikes in this book range from easy strolls suitable for families with children to extended adventures into remote corners of an incredible landscape. The Best Bears Ears National Monument Hikes will educate readers about the importance of protecting our public lands.


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“I have a copy of The Best Bears Ears National Monument Hikes and thought you approached the topic in an effective and responsible way.”–Bill Lipe, Archaeologist specializing in Cedar Mesa

“Morgan just finished reading your guide book. I hate guide books but the necessity to have one on the classic places in Bears Ears most likely will also prevent damage among the naive! You remind me a lot of Katie Lee you are the same free spirit.”–Fred Blackburn, Researcher and former BLM Ranger on Cedar Mesa

Coming in 2019!

The Best Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Hikes (Available TBA 2019)

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 4.00.11 PMThis guidebook covers the original 1.88 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument designated in 1996 to protect its natural wonders and preserve the area for scientific research. In 2017, the monument was trimmed to 1 million acres, reducing protections around some of the world’s most geologically diverse landscapes. The hikes featured in this book range from family-friendly day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips that will excite the most adventurous of spirits and will educate readers about the importance of protecting public lands, visiting sensitive areas with respect, and considering low-impact recreation as a pillar of multi-use policy for enhanced conservation. Featuring contributions from David Roberts, archaeologist R.E. Burrillo, and paleontologist Katja Knoll.

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Find my books at your local independent bookstore.

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