Morgan Sjogren ➸ Running Bum

Writing to protect the soul of wild spaces

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Outlandish, I’m doing a limited virtual book signing!

I’ll be taking orders for signed copies until the 50 I have are gone! (I only signed 15 last year.) To order, please send me a message on Instagram @running_bum_! Cost is $32 via Venmo or PayPal, and includes shipping U.S. only. 💛 Full details below:

Part travel memoir and part cookbook, Outlandish pulls together all the ingredients of an adventurous nomadic life and wraps them together like a burrito. 🌯

Although it feels weird to *celebrate* a book like this when we are all sheltering in place, I actually feel like it’s serving it’s purpose in these wild times. My life in the Jeep was the result of a shitty situation and a positive change. When I wrote Outlandish I wanted to share ways I’ve learned to look at disaster as adventure, challenge as opportunity, bizarre leftovers as a feast, and home as anywhere. Amidst the pandemic I’ve struggled to remember some of this, which makes me glad I wrote it down. 🤪I hope the book can help and/or entertain some of you right now too! 💪

In these challenging times all direct book orders (past, present, and future) are a huge part of sustaining myself. The future looks strange, but books are definitely a part of it! Thank you so much for your support.



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