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To help:

The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe is a federally recognized Tribe whose territory is located in northern Arizona and southern Utah. Living amongst the Navajo and Hopi, in the areas of Tuba City, Willow Springs, and Navajo Mountain, the San Juan Southern Paiutes do not have a federally recognized reservation of their own. This puts them at a heightened disadvantage for Covid-19 support and is exacerbated by their limited funds, housing crisis, lack of running water and small tribal numbers. The Navajo Nation only has 170 hospital beds, 13 ICU beds, 52 isolation rooms, and 28 ventilators. Likewise, this region is an extreme food desert with only 13 grocery stores to supply over 180,000 people.

With just over 300 San Juan Southern Paiute households, our goal is to help the San Juan Southern Paiutes gain essential supplies to assist their health and safety during this crisis. Our goal will be to especially assist the elderly and immunocompromised members of the community.

The funds from this campaign will be used to make direct purchases, or reimbursement of purchases by volunteers, for the San Juan Southern Paiute tribe of bulk medical items, water, food/gift cards from supermarkets, and PPE. 

Below is a list of requested items:

Gloves (Medium, Large)
Cleaning supplies
Disinfecting wipes
Lysol or sanitizing spray
Sanitizing aerosol spray
Hand sanitizers
Paper towels
Bottled Water
Hay and Livestock Feed

Due the the process of GoFundMe and to expedite helping the tribe we are raising money for one item at a time, shipping it, and then moving on to the next item.

If you are able to make a product donation of any of these items to the Tribe please contact us with a private message.

We are working directly with the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribal Administration to make the item purchases, donations and deliveries directly to the Tribal members. To learn more about the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe please visit this website:

Thank you for caring and for helping!

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