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unnamed-1.jpgAnother endless drive across the desert. Dust swirls. silent mind.

Arrival feels as impossible as the beer I can’t quite reach in the ice chest behind my seat.

Visions of sitting outside by a campfire at sunset. A night walk through the sage brush. Being in one place for a night.


Stillness can only be found -inside- it seems.

Driving on down the bumpy dirt road. Tire goes flat. Nothing was built to last, but sure was made to fix.

RoadTrip-5.jpgThe circles continue. Closer and closer together. Tighter turns. Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California. Home on the wide open western range. Places become the familiar faces, to a neighbor on the way home to where? I’ll never get there. There’s no place to arrive. I’m a vehicle. I pass, write on through.






3 thoughts on “Never To Arrive

    1. Running Bum says:

      This is a great article and Utah establishment. I am majorly inspired by these women, and their food refueled me after backpacking one of the routes to be featured in the guidebook I’ve been working on.


    2. Running Bum says:

      Such a good story and place to eat. Thank you!


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