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At 18,491 Feet Pico De Orizaba is the highest peak in Mexico and the 3rd tallest in North America.

On March 18th Michael Versteeg and I summitted the mountain together. Then  he decided he wanted to run up it.

Two days later he broke the FKT for ascent of the peak by 8 minutes (2:02) and set the standard for also descending the peak (46 minutes) for a total time of 2:48.

One thought on “Pico De Orizaba

  1. RunningWithCrampons says:

    That’s a really great time! A friend and I were there in February. I also thought about making a speedy ascent after our initial climb, but instead used our remaining days to climb another volcano. Shortly after our ascent, I asked some Mountain Madness guides about the FKT (Recardo Lugo and one other who’s name I don’t know). They claimed that someone has climbed to summit in ~1:45, but seemed short on other details. They do work with Hector Ponce de Leon, so perhaps they know what they are talking about? They also told us about a more direct route through the Labyrinth that involves staying climber’s right and climbing some snow. They said it knocks 30-40 minutes off the ascent. I’m assuming this is with clients who are probably taking several hours just to get to the glacier, so someone moving quickly won’t see that much time advantage.


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